About Us



We exist to help owners of large dogs--or multiple dogs--get a great night's sleep! We are a family-owned business, invented and manufactured in the USA with the highest quality US manufacturers and US company jobs.

We love dogs!  They bring us comfort and company and humor!  Our dogs ruled our bed.  They laid out anywhere they wanted and hogged the bed.  They would press up against us until we had no room to be comfortable.  Their movement and excess heat prevented us from getting good sleep.  But we love our dogs and still want them to sleep with us!

We talked about this problem to our friends and thousands of dog owners that had bigger or multiple dogs.  They were having the same problems!  Some had dogs that moved while they dreamed, and some had dogs that weren't happy to be asked to move over.  People felt trapped in their covers.  Some couples slept in separate rooms and others have just been continuing to be miserable.  So we have invented the perfect, space-saving solution that will last a lifetime and are now sharing it with you.


We worked together with the highest quality team of engineers, patent and safety attorneys, business and financial advisors, website builders, logo artists, marketing and shipping experts, and advertising videographers. Then we contacted over 90 US and overseas manufacturers.  Out of all of them, we chose Ritz Machine to manufacture the adjustable metal base, Carsten's Fiberglass to build the smooth white bed, and Cherry Stitches and Sewing by Connie to sew the completely reversible 4" foam mattresses and beautiful mattress covers.  We got cleared through the National Product Safety Commission, earned the Value Proposition Badge from the Holmes Center for Entrepreneurship at the Carlson School of Management at the University of MN and was awarded Duluth's RINK's INNOVATE 218 Best Business Pitch Award,  was a semi-finalist in the MN Cup business competition, and are fully patented, #11,406,182B1.   We were featured at the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show, WDIO, and on Twin Cities Live!


All of our customers are loving their sleep with the Doggy Bunk Bed!  We are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction.  You may order through our website here online (or call us) or purchase at Pet Stuff in Minnetonka, Minnesota.  We are on Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business.  Feel free to contact us to discuss our product.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  We are so sure you will love having a Doggy Bunk above your bed that we will return the purchase price if returned within 60 days.  We will process your order in 2-3 days, and ship or deliver your product to you within 3-15 business days.  We have availability now and are also giving a discount/promotional of your choice of a free mattress cover with order, an additional $44.00 value.  We have also done complimentary custom mattress cover designs to match your decor with just an email or phone call to us.

We look forward to serving you today!